Physiotherapy is a health care profession that rehabilitates the patients by evaluating, planning and implementing treatment to promote optimal health. Physiotherapists aim to relieve pain, improve the body movement and function, maintain cardiopulmonary function, and limit disabilities resulting from injury or disease and offers pre and post surgical care. Physiotherapists are also concerned with health promotion, illness prevention and psychological and social well being of the individual starting from newborn to the very aged. Various services include prescribing and implementing exercises, use of various electrical modalities such as electrical stimulator, ultra sound and by using the physiological effects of heat and cold, functional training, manual therapy and training of daily living activities.



Dr Remi Mathew
Designation: Physiotherapy Specialist
Department: Physiotherapy
Ph: 011 4777471 Extn: 209
Date & Time: 09AM-01 PM and 5:00PM to 09:00PM , FRIDAY OFF
Brief Description: BPT,MPT,COMPT,ORTHO